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    Blackall prison camp escapee to serve more time with fellow prisoners after trial

    After being convicted, two Pakistani army doctors were awarded the highest civilian award in the Pakistani military.

    Muhammad Faisal Khan, 34, was named Pakistan's Colonel-General for Human Rights, the equivalent of the Order of the British Empire (OBE).

    And he was awarded, along with two other Pakistani soldiers, the highest civilian award for an individual prisoner.

    Mohammed Hanifat, 36, was given the Order of the Cross for actions during Operation Zarb-e-Azb, a major terrorist operation in 2002.

    Both men were awarded their honours by President Asif Ali Zardari at the ceremony.

    Pakistani military officials had previously said that Mr Khan, as well as another soldier, were part of a military intelligence unit responsible for planning the 2001 attacks.

    They admitted that their involvement in training of militants, even training on remote mountainous areas, may have included a role in the attack on the USS Cole in Yemen.

    Analysis Pakistan's military says that one of its biggest military successes in its two-year war with the Pakistani Taliban - the operation to capture the group's top leader, Mullah Akhtar Mansour - has been carried out by its officers. But the officials are trying to cover it up, by saying that it is a mere part of a much larger operation. The Pakistan military, led by General Raheel Sharif, has repeatedly been accused of stonewalling official investigations into its actions in the country's huge, multi-sided campaign in the wake of a series of suicide bombings and shootings in its cities since the fall of the Taliban.

    Mr Khan was captured in Afghanistan in November 2002 and was killed in May 2013.

    In February, General Qamar Javed Bajwa, chief of the army's General Staff, testified in a UN inquiry that Mr Khan helped the military launch "Operation Zarb-e-Azb", a major operation in Afghanistan that killed tens of thousands of people.

    This had been planned for well before the bombing of the USS Cole in April 2000, the chief commander said, and he added that soldiers involved in his operation were "truly special forces".

    Image copyright AFP Image caption Pakistan's President Asif Ali Zardari awarded Mr Khan an honorary doctorate of science for acts in defence of justice

    In addition to being named as an officer in the elite unit, Mr Khan is married to a Pakistani woman, Qamar Javed Bajwa.

    On Monday Mr Khan's wife, Javed Azeem, presented him with an Order of the Cross, the highest civilian honour in the Pakistani military.

    She was presented with the medal at the ceremony at Wa
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    Bashed policeman out of coma for more than 12 hours, says boy in court


    A Melbourne child has been out of the hospital in stable condition since being attacked by a drunken policeman as he lay in bed.

    The 12-year-old boy was attacked after drinking at the home of a family member on June 12, 2013, and suffered a serious head injury.

    His mother and father tried unsuccessfully to arrest him but the officer was unruly and left him lying helpless on the floor.

    Two weeks after the attack, police charged the officer with aggravated assault in June 2014.

    But his mother has appealed against a lower court ruling that his injuries from the attack were non-life threatening.

    "He is an amazing human being," his mother, Susan Dampney said.

    "It has been the most upsetting thing to experience."

    The judge, Robert Wilson, rejected her submission after she read details of the case and the officer's history as a police officer.

    "That was a significant amount of time spent on the wrong side of the law."

    Judge Wilson heard the attack had a traumatic and emotional impact on the boy.

    It involved several assaults on the youth at the residence where the officer was working at the time of the assault.

    "He's extremely remorseful, very angry with himself," Mrs Dampney said.

    "It's been a long struggle for his family and now that everything has come full circle, now it's over.

    "What he does every day, he'll be more than happy to be gone, never to have to come back. It's hard work, for him, for me."

    Mr Dampney described the officer as "out of control" and said his behaviour had been "terrifying".

    "He came in here, he said 'I need to drink'," Mr Dampney said.

    "And I said, 'This is what happens when you get to work.

    "He's got one foot out the door."

    It happened about 11:00pm and the youth was lying unconscious.

    Ms Dampney had initially been at the police station about 18 months ago when her son's grandmother, who lives next door to her, discovered the man lying naked on the floor of her garage.

    She then moved in with her son for three days.

    "She came home, saw him laying naked on the floor, and at that point I was so frightened because it scared the <expletive> out of me, but <in> my head I thought my son just needs his mother, he's going to be alright," she said.

    The child's mother
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    Благодаря максимальной стойкости к истиранию, ультрафиолетовому излучению также антистатическим свойствам искусственный нубук завоевал популярность повсечастно рынке, производители мебели используют его в самых дорогих новых коллекциях.

    Микроволокно используется в производстве тканых, нетканых в свой черед трикотажных материалов. Может быть использована в производстве одежды, обивке, в промышленных фильтрах, в уборочной продукции.

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    Faulkner and marsh pick up injuries ahead of south africa tour

    By Sam Edwards

    South Africa have lost captain Steve Molino after sustaining injuries during a successful second training session ahead of the World Cup.

    The 35-year-old was found on the pitch injured during the session on Friday.

    "There was a significant impact with one of the fingers. Steve sustained a broken finger, which came off whilst playing in a warm-up against France," explained captain Matt Healy.

    "The extent of his injuries is just beyond my comprehension, but at the moment we are assessing it. Steve needs surgery to address the ligament issue which has been the main point of focus for us all week.

    "The doctors have confirmed that his ligaments are broken. As the team and players know, Steve has suffered from a long history of fractured ligaments and there could still be more. This has the potential to be a significant setback for Steve in his recovery."

    After initially appearing to be in good spirits and optimistic about the team's preparations ahead of the tournament, Molino was in a bad way in the days leading up to last year's tournament.

    After scoring three tries against Argentina at the 2016 World Cup, he spent the entire tournament nursing a torn quadriceps.

    Since returning from the injury, however, he has picked up another four straight first-grade caps, leading the team in both of those contests.

    Molino was an integral member of the backline last year, often in the position of skipper, but was a constant thorn in the side of the Wallabies' attacking attack throughout the tournament.

    With the team now set to face two of the most formidable hosts in the tournament - South Africa, ranked 13th in the World Rankings this summer, and the reigning World No.6, England, ranked 24th - the Wallabies remain cautious about their preparations.

    "After meeting with our medical team this morning I would advise Steve to go with them on the trip, and they should see a similar outcome to what happened last year," Healy said.

    "This could be a big game for Steve to take some time out of his rehab with, but it is too soon to declare him out of the tournament."

    Meanwhile, the captain has been given an extended leave of absence to prepare for the World Cup.

    While Healy said he did not expect Molino to suffer the same fate as other injured Wallabies, he also conceded the player's status for the two-week tour would depend on how the process of recovery proceeds.

    "If anything, I would like to thank him for taking this time off and being involved in our recovery," Healy said. "However, as Steve and we have spoken
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    Drought still gripping illawarra shoalhaven and the state's waterways remain dangerously low" at the risk of further deterioration.

    "As the drought continues to grip the region, it is unlikely the conditions will improve as quickly or as quickly as predicted," Mr Clark said.

    "Waterlogging is just the beginning of this disaster. A drought is not a linear trend and we risk further deterioration in the water resources of our region at any time."
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    Ghostly mushrooms delight in rare glow in the dark show, and with good reason: They are among some of the most magical, healing and beautiful mushrooms known."

    The first known recorded use of this fungus is by people living in New Hampshire, New York, and Massachusetts in the 1800s. The common mushrooms (Lepidoptera: Hymenoptera) are highly prized for their delicious edible seeds.

    Because of their unusual appearance, the common mushrooms are sometimes called psilocybin mushrooms. They are native to Europe, and in some countries they are considered a hallucinogenic because they cause no hallucinatory effects in their human hosts.

    There are about 16 different known mushrooms, some of which are classified as genera, others as orders. There are also some fungi that grow on crops or as fungal soil (Psilocybe mycelium). The most famous is the Amanita genus, whose spores are used as a spice.

    What Is Mucus and When Does It Grow?

    Mucus is a liquid that grows on things you touch. When spores and other small parts of the fungus are pressed, the liquid is spread throughout your skin in an aerosol form.

    One type of mucus that appears in the body is known as mucous. Mucus is a fluid that builds in specific locations on the body.

    Mucus can be considered different from liquid or solid or either, depending on where the mucus is located in your body. Mucus is a fluid that grows on things that are touching your body such as clothing, jewelry, or skin. When the mucus is exposed to air it changes. A muck-free environment means the moisture in this muck can be a bit more pleasant.

    Mucus can also be very volatile. You can get mucus in your mouth or on the nose or if you bite something. You will often get a little bit of a tingle on your hand or the back of your hand. Sometimes people actually get a small bit of what could be considered a muck-like effect.

    Seed is an Important Factor

    It's thought that the body uses the substance contained in the muck to regulate its temperature. When a temperature is too cold or too warm, that liquid may build up and go into the bloodstream, causing an uncomfortable and allergic reaction. However, the muck also helps to keep the temperature down on cold months. In very hot and dry months, muck will grow and this will prevent your body from getting too warm and causing heatstroke, making you feel very tired, and possibly even having heart palpitations. Mucus also keeps the air temperature within your body a bit cooler, which may help prevent allergies
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    Public transport safety must improve overland. There is no time to waste by fixing the problems before people need to travel further away from their homes.

    The Government has to do more to fund road safety, and do more to encourage investment in the local economy in rural areas.

    People are dying on our roads every week as a result of road accidents. That's an emergency.

    There are thousands of people who could face the consequences of a road accident on our roads every day if it wasn't for people like Chris.

    Chris and his colleagues have been doing extraordinary things in support of improving the safety of the rural communities of England.

    Chris and his team had successfully campaigned to improve standards on our roads and help build rural economies, including creating the Rural Communities Service and the A1, with which he has since partnered with the National Land Transport Authority.

    The result of their efforts? An impressive list of improvements to the local economy, starting with improving the A2, with which he has created the rural transport service.

    A2 improvements can help create more demand for small business through increased tourism demand and increase support for small towns.

    Rural transport service improvements could also provide an additional boost for areas with low skills skills.

    Chris and his team are still working on the next important stage - getting the rural transport service up and running in England and Wales.

    We're looking forward to seeing how the journey towards that next step will progress.
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